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The Natural World from a Wooden Deck is an insightful first-hand account of the often overlooked complexity and beauty that is found in the proximity of the author’s own “back yard.” The plain-spoken, unpretentious writing style and exquisite photography will pull the reader into a captivating and personal exploration that will foster a new appreciation of the Natural World in their own “back yard.”

Ann Buckley is a botanist, teacher, photographer and author. She wrote The Natural World from a Wooden Deck with the aspiring naturalist in mind. The information for this book was gathered on Cape Cod yet applies to other areas in the Northeastern United States.

Tom Murray, a native of Massachusetts, has photographed throughout the United States and Mexico. He has contributed immensely to the interpretation of this book by combining his expertise in photography with his love of the Natural World. Very few observations escape Tom’s eyes or camera lens and this talent contributes to the aesthetics of The Natural World from a Wooden Deck.